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We at AlphaMorraz are a dedicated team, focused on client satisfatction & real world solutions, aligning our services with your needs.

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AlphaMorraz was founded in late 2020 by Mr.Kevin@Morthy, Mr.Nand and Mr.Harvinth Focusing with health care associated task. We took the challenges in managing our staff team and to ensure workers welfare is well taken care, hence following years, Morraz Cleaning Services, Hostel Management and TranzMorraz was initiated. As part of our idea in diversifying our business strategy, Morraz Security and Morraz Health Care was initiated.

Multi-diverse AlphaMorraz was launched with a vision to reshape the cleaning service in hotels. Today, we are one of the largest and most trusted cleaning and hospitality staffing companies in the West Malaysia. We provide an outstanding level of service and cleanliness for our resort, hotel, spa, restaurant, and commercial clients, consistently exceeding expectations. We specialize in sectors that include :

Resorts, Hotels, Spa, Commercial Clients & F&B Outlets

AlphaMorraz is closely working with 10 hotels of 5 star ratings since the beginning of its service, Our housekeeping & cleaning services are offered to commercial clients with vacation homes, airBNB, homestays & rentals. We also provide cleaning services & manpower for our F&B clients, Our Testimony in providing service without an interruption even during the pandemic


We at Alpha Morraz, a healthcare provider, are experienced in administering on-site mass screenings aligned with the government SOP as well as positive case handling, if any are detected

Business Consultancy

We guarantee effective business consultants with possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

Our Ventures

One stop centre for your business, Morraz Sdn Bhd provides all your end to end services related to hotel management, cleaning, health care, security, hostel management & retail affiliated services

Morraz Hotel Management

We are your trusted source for skilled hostpitality staffing, exceptional housekeeping services & speciality cleaning, for over 5 years we have provided superior service & staffing for top hotel & resort brands.

Morraz Security

Morraz Security is a top quality provider of integrated security services, from security guards & mobile patrolling to efficient CCTV systems & armed guarding, we offer high quality solutions to suit any organization.

Morraz Hostel Management

We prioritize workers welfare by ensuring our hostels are conductive, safe & in compliance with the Foreign Employees Act (446) & Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) of workers accommodation standards in Malaysia

These accommodations are strategically located near basic facilities in Puchong, where most of our client sites are located.


Morraz Transport is a logistics company in Malaysia with a long track record of excellent services & experience in the industry.

TranzMorraz is a leading third-party logistics service provider that connects Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & China. With more than 10 years of history, we have proven credentials in delivering our customer goods safely, quickly & cost effectively.

Business Consultancy

We are professionals providing expert advice and guidance to organizations in order to improve their performance and efficiency. We work closely with businesses to analyze their operations, identify problems, and develop solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Morraz Retail

Apart from Vending Machines, we also import clothings from neighbouring countries, our imports include: Barrister Gowns & Accessories, Lawyer Attire, Batik Shirt, Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, Sportswear Jackets, Office Wear, Blazers & Suits.

Morraz Healthcare

We emphasize on hygine, comfort & service to ensure your medical needs are met, led by experienced doctors & nursing staff our primary goal is to make every visit with us seamless & comfortable.

Creative Team

Our Group


Kevin @ Morthy

Managing Director - M.B.A

As the Managing Director of the Alpha Morraz Sdn. Bhd., my primary focus is on delivering exceptional healthcare for both individuals and the masses in terms of medical services. We prioritize the quality and safety, value and innovation, and data science of all our teams involved in all aspects of the specific range of healthcare services we provide.

Ample opportunities are provided for Medical Officers to take the lead in diverse medical situations, coupled with a wide range of excellent services and medical facilities specially made available for customers patients with marked improvements. We also manage and provide manpower for cleaning services in 4- and 5-star hotels.

We take pride in our credo that "Every Project Is Different, Every Client Is Unique"


Operational Director - BCOM & MBA

Our primary concerns in this company – which are also our main goals – are the overriding safety, health and welfare of people at their diverse places of occupation. Today, the proliferation of deviant malpractices in occupational safety leading to health-deant hazards would not be permitted nor tolerated in most industrialized countries, as in Malaysia, where we take pride in adhering to certifed occupational health and safety standards for workers in their work places. In many countries, however, such standards are still either weak or even actually non-existent.

The primary goal of an occupational safety and health program is to foster a safe and healthy occupational environment. In common-law jurisdictions, employers have a common law duty (also called duty of care) to take reasonable care of the safety of their employees.


Executive Director - MBBS

Healthcare today is all about new ideas, new players, new approaches and new technologies. However, in the past few years, only a handful of visionaries have delivered to clearly outline where all this supposed “new” is leading towards. Certain dialogues and discussions of appreciable brevity I was privy to actually truly crystallized and changed the way I now think about healthcare in its holistic and overall perspective. The speeches – verbalized by the right personalities at the opportune right time – are action-oriented rather than just resonating familiar words and empty rhetoric. Hence, this has motivated me to strive harder to learn something new and implement the best into this company

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